This expression definitely stuck around.
This expression definitely stuck around.

Hey, folks! My name is Gabrielle, but people call me Beany. I’ve rolled around the web as velvetdelirium since the early 2000s. Find it odd for a thirty-something to have continued using a handle other than their actual name? Totally understandable. Quick explanation: It’s a tribute to my late grandfather, who suffered several strokes and lived with dementia in the years leading up to his death.


I’m a multidisciplinary professional looking for opportunities in impact development with years of diverse experience in communications, brand & product development, creative strategy, talent management, and customer service.

Recently, I was the Brand & Product Development Manager for a conscious skincare brand from the Philippines, directly supporting the Chief of R&D/Head of Brand. My role revolved around identifying problems and opportunities, gathering insights, and providing actionable recommendations for product development, brand programs, and special initiatives. I was also responsible for defining communication guidelines for new products, brand programs, and other customer-facing initiatives.

Before shifting to Brand & Product work, I spent 2 years leading Communications & Social Media. I was responsible for creative strategy as well as guiding the development of omni-channel communications for various digital and retail touchpoints to support the different steps of the customer journey.

Prior to the above roles, I was the remote Communications & Social Media Coordinator for the lean regional marketing team of a sustainability-focused American brand. The role involved localizing global content and other digital initiatives, contributing to the planning and execution of campaigns in my assigned region (see: #PurpleForThePlanet, #1mfairtradebowls), identifying key personalities and initiating partnerships for campaign collaborations and/or visual content production, managing localized brand assets, and developing the brand’s regional publishing calendar.

Nearly a decade ago, I was also the human puppeteering a popular Philippine bookstore chain’s social media mascot. If you still recall said mascot and ordered your books through her between 2012 and early 2013… Hi, that was me!

If you’re headhunting and require a more detailed work history or want to schedule a chat, please get in touch via my contact form, or reach out via LinkedIn.


I function best when given the mental and physical space to get things done, so I usually prefer remote work with a fairly flexible schedule. In fact, I’ve worked remotely for most of the past decade!

“Wait, remote? Really? How do you get things done?” It’s the 21st century, people – we CAN get things done without wasting hours on a Manila commute. Besides, being apart from your team forces you to constantly improve how you communicate, set clearer priorities, and be more disciplined with managing your time and resources.

This is not to say that I’m completely averse to the idea of showing up somewhere to collaborate with others every now and then — sometimes it’s necessary! Most of the time, however, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, and Monday (to name a few nifty tools) are all you really need.


I’m also an artist coordinator on the side – I function as the road manager (i.e. willing slave to the band manager/booking agent) for this band, as well as the road manager and talent coordinator for this independent artist, songwriter, and composer/arranger.

Listen to them here and here.

I also maintain a professional session musician pool for private events. If you need a band with a wide, multi-genre repertoire for your private or corporate events, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I swear on the ashes of my ancestors, you will not be disappointed.


Creative executions like illustration and painting are an on and off thing that I hope will be more “on” for me someday. I don’t have an educational background in painting or illustration; however, my late grandparents were painters, so I grew up with the tools just lying around waiting for someone to get experimenting.

While I personally don’t consider myself a professional artist (and likely will never call myself one even if I stumble into a role that calls for me to prioritise art over everything else), I have accepted commissions in the past and will likely still do so in the future.

You can find some of my work on my Instagram.


I’ve always enjoyed clicking away, finding satisfaction in freezing time. I’m constantly drawn to fuzzy critters (who isn’t?), structures, liminal spaces, and those split-second moments in between expressions (not always successful at capturing these, but I do try).

I first started taking photos around early high school on a secondhand film Pentax (can’t remember the exact model, it’s been nearly 2 decades) that an aunt gifted me. Being able to capture little “reminders” of things seen and experienced for the first time was pretty cool! While I never got to take that early interest to greater heights, the sheer enjoyment stayed with me through the years — knowing I still have so much to learn in this field is frankly exciting. Nat Geo, wait for me!

Pre-pandemic, people occasionally indulged me by tossing their cameras my way so I could shoot freely at gigs or during weekend hangs; as a result, I have an entire drive filled with cool memories and I think that’s pretty awesome.

I wouldn’t be able to pursue this interest at all without these amazing folks, so I’m paying it forward by sharing some of the things I’ve captured for free.

Want to get in touch? Here’s my contact form.