This expression definitely stuck around.
This expression definitely stuck around.

Hey, folks! My name is Gabrielle. People call me Beany. I roll around the web as velvetdelirium, as you’ve probably gathered from the .com and my social media URLs. The handle is a tribute to my late grandfather, who suffered several strokes and lived with dementia in the years leading up to his death.


I’m a remote communications and social media coordinator currently based in the Philippines. The role typically involves managing a social media content calendar, drafting and editing copy (from PR outreach and landing page content to pretty much anything else that requires a particular tone), handling community, contributing to the planning and execution of seasonal campaigns, and partnering with influencers for campaigns and events, among other things.

I tackle my to-do from home or anywhere that’s relatively comfortable, because it’s the 21st century and we CAN get things done without wasting 4 to 6 hours in Manila traffic daily. Being apart from your team also forces you to constantly improve how you communicate, set clearer priorities, and be more disciplined with managing your time and resources.

This is not to say that I’m completely averse to the idea of showing up somewhere to collaborate with others — sometimes it’s necessary! Most of the time, however, Google Drive, Slack, Trello, and Monday (to name a few nifty tools) are all you really need.


I spend most of my time focusing on what pays the bills, so illustrating is mostly an on and off thing that I hope will be more “on” for me in the future. I don’t have an educational background in art or design; however, my grandparents (on my mum’s side) are painters, so I grew up with the tools of the trade just lying around waiting for someone to get experimenting.

I don’t consider myself a professional artist at all, and I likely will never call myself one even if I somehow stumble into a role that calls for me to prioritise art over everything else. While I have accepted commissions in the past and will likely still do so in the future, I mostly pick up a pencil or brush for myself.


First off — totally NOT a pro! I’ve always enjoyed clicking away, though — I am constantly drawn to fuzzy critters (who isn’t?) and those split-second moments in between expressions (not always successful at capturing these, but I do try).

I first started taking photos around early high school on a secondhand film Pentax (can’t remember the exact model) that an aunt gifted me. Being able to capture little “reminders” of things seen and experienced was pretty cool! While I could never afford to take that early interest to greater heights, the sheer enjoyment stayed with me through the years — knowing I still have so much to learn in this field is frankly exciting. Nat Geo, wait for me!

Nowadays, people occasionally indulge me by tossing their cameras my way so I can shoot freely at a gig or during weekend hangs; as a result, I have an entire drive filled with cool memories and I think that’s pretty frickin awesome.

I wouldn’t be able to pursue this interest at all without these amazing folks, so I’m paying it forward by sharing some of the things I’ve captured for free.

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